FFXIV Data Explorer & Utilities


The FFXIV Data Explorer is a tool I created to let players explore the various game files within FFXIV. Not only does the program open and displayed the files contained within, it will both display and extract images, text resources, sound, and music.

Feature List

  • Data Browsing: All folders and files can be viewed using a simple file tree. Depending on what data is being viewed, the right content panel will either display known information about that type (images, sound entries, table data), or display the raw hex data which can be used to figure out the format.
  • Filename/Foldername Management: Due to the way FFXIV stores it's files, filenames are not stored within the archives. The few extractors out there that do display filenames, most of the time just show the file's hash, which is nothing more than a 4 byte number. FFXIV Explorer keeps a sqlite database of all known filenames/folders which can be swapped when more names are discovered.
  • Image Viewing: The tex file format is decoded, and images are displayed in a image viewer. They may be also extracted to the png format.
  • Music/Sound: The scd file format is decoded, displaying all music and sounds that may be stored withing, and will extract those files into either ogg or wav files depending on the type stored.
  • Table Data: FFXIV stores much of it's strings and other information in a custom table format. FFXIV Explorer will attempt to display this data, as well as allow you to switch between the 4 languages (EN, JP, DE, FR), and export it to a CSV file.
  • Utilities: A music swapper is included. A macro editor and log viewer are in the works.