FFXIV Data Explorer & Utilities


Java JRE 1.6.0_45 64bit or higher is required. Please download the latest Java Runtime at https://java.com/en/download/.

  • Download latest hashlist db file (hashlist.zip)
    ->Only download this if you are upgrading the db.
  • Version Changes

    Version 1.8
    • Item Model Viewer indexes updated for FFXIV 3.5.

    Version 1.7
    • Added "parts" loading and rendering to the model viewer. FFXIV sets part attributes to various meshes and can enable/disable them based on the imc variant file. This fixes the appearance of a lot of models. An example is the Pince-Nez, which before incorrectly showed all the "glasses" parts. Check m0029 for another example.
    • IMC Loader changed to load part masks. (Using loader from Godbert by Rogueadyn)
    • Added the ability to toggle the glow shader on and off.
    • Users can now auto-search for EXH hashes, music hashes, and map hashes. This should mean people can see the important files right on patch day w.o me updating the hashdb.
    • Added paths to missing demihuman models.
    • Fixed a bunch of UI bugs with the model viewer and searching.
    • Fixed a bug with generating dats in the music swapper.

    Version 1.6
    • The last unknown datatype has been added to the exd loader. All data is now viewable. Also I have removed the pre-sort Explorer did on the columns (by different entry's offsets) and now leave it unsorted as is in the EXH file. If you parse the CSVs, check your indices!
    • Fixed issue where quotes inside a table entry would break the CSV export.
    • Added a glow shader to the model viewer. Now models with a glow texture like Ifrit or ADS will give off a subtle glow.
    • Fixed furniture not loading in the model viewer.
    • Improved the material loader. Some models were breaking due to incorrect color table loads.
    • Improved the model loader. There should be less, if any chances of a model not loading.
    • Fixed bugs with the texture loader. Models will now appear more or less correctly, and some models that had bad textures (mainly bg stuff) will appear correctly.
    • Improved EXD loader. Loader should be more stable and support for the Chinese and Korean clients has been added.
    • The FFXIV String tag "\n" has been changed to "<br>" to match the other <> style tags.
    • Added the ability to name EXD columns. A listfile is created in a subfolder with the same name as an exd (ie: item.lst), and any time that exd is loaded, the known column names are added in.
    • Music Swapper now supports Heavensward music archive.

    Version 1.5.1
    • Fixed color tables not loading, causing models to appear incorrectly or have missing textures.
    • Fixed material files not loading if they were located in a different model's folder path.

    Version 1.5
    • A new model viewer has been added in the tools section. This will load items, monsters, and furniture in the exd tables and display them, so you no longer have to look for the items yourself or wait for the hashdb to update.
    • A OGG -> SCD converter has been added to the music swapper. Now full customizable music is possible! It also allows you to defind various SCD parameters and the loops.
    • Fixed a bug in the log viewer; emote and custom emote categories were swapped.

    Version 1.4
    • Index2 files are now supported. Please note that due to a different hash being used for these (full path rather than a path/filename split), file/folder names will not appear.
    • Heavensward's new OGG encryption was added into the SCD file reader. Music in the benchmark can be extracted and presumedly also in the expansion.
    • Macro Editor finally completed and activated. Users can modify the MACRO.DAT file in their Documents\My Games\FFXIV\ folder.
    • Log Viewer finally completed and activated. Users can view all logs stored in the log folder in their Documents\My Games\FFXIV\ folder. These logs can be exported to text or csv files.
    • Fixed issue when mass extracting and the program ran into a placeholder type file causing it to abort.
    • Fixed issue with music swapper which caused the swapper to not work when the backup was first created (but did once reloaded).

    Version 1.3
    • Load times have been greatly improved. 04000 will open in around 45s, while most other archives open under 5 seconds.
    • 32bit and 64bit versions have been set so that they will not load off of the other's JRE. This is to avoid confusion when users tried using a 64bit FFXIV Explorer with a 32bit JRE (or vise versa) and models would not load. A message is now displayed.
    • Models in 01000 and 02000 now load, though the current camera design isn't really built for the large models in there.
    • Fixed buggy interaction with sound view list.
    • Model loader improved and should have slightly faster speeds.
    • Added new update dialog to show patch info.
    • Renamed title to FFXIV Data Explorer.

    Version 1.2
    • It is now possible to view models. This is still a work in progress and some models may not appear correctly.
    • Model geometry data may be extracted into OBJ format. Please note that a lot of texturing information is computed on the shader and it may not appear correctly in a modeling program.
    • Type 0x0B data entries in EXH files were incorrectly read, this has been fixed. It's primarily used to store model info for items.
    • Fixed files over 16mb not extracting. This was a hard limit left over from early development due to lack of knowledge surrounding the sqpack format.
    • Type 4 files were not fully extracting... specifically the mipmaps. The whole file is now visible.
    • Inline scripts for EXH strings are now parsed. This should remove the corrupted strings you'd see when one of these were encountered. It also replaces the script with a tag defining what it is (if known). IE: <forename> <if:her/him> <ref:InstancedContent>
    • Minor bugfixes.

    Version 1.1
    • Music Swapper now can swap in custom SCD files.
    • Music Swapper lists are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Texture type was read incorrectly and is now fixed. Some textures will appear correctly now that weren't before.
    • Texture type name is displayed rather than the internal id type (DX1, DX3, RGBA, etc).
    • Some EXH files reported more files than they actually had causing bad behaviour. This has been fixed.
    • DB Update notification functionality was fixed.

    Version 1.0
    • First public release of application.
    • Extracting was changed. Full folder path is preserved and user selects folder destination rather than any filename.
    • Byte searching now implemented.
    • Music Swapper revamped and renabled.